Unf*cking The Republic® Episodes


Show Notes: Understanding Socialism: Part Five.

Understanding Socialism: Part Five.

Hands Off AOC.

Show Notes: What is Bidenomics?

What is Bidenomics?

Phone a Friend.

Show Notes: Understanding Socialism: Part Four.

Phone a Friend.

Understanding Socialism: Part Four.

Show Notes: Understanding Socialism: Part Three.

Understanding Socialism: Part Three.

Show Notes Part Two: Unf*cking Flashback: The Assange Problem.

Show Notes Part One: Unf*cking Flashback: The Assange Problem.

Unf*cking Flashback: The Assange Problem.

Show Notes: Understanding Socialism: Part Two.

Understanding Socialism: Part Two.

Show Notes: The Doctor is in.

Show Notes: SCOTUS Native Adoption Case.

The Doctor is in.

SCOTUS Native Adoption Case.

Show Notes: Understanding Socialism: Part One.

Understanding Socialism: Part One.

Show Notes: Unf*cking Flashback: ISMs.

Unf*cking Flashback: Capitasociafascilibdemarxism.

Show Notes: Ep 96.

Williamson and Kennedy.

Show Notes: Ep 95.

Fox Untucked, Noam Undone, Taibbi Unhinged.

Show Notes: Ep 94.

Dismantling the Oligarchy.

Show Notes: Ep 93.

Updated Tax Evasion Figures.

Show Notes: Ep 92.

The End of Affirmative Action.

Show Notes: Topical Cream 11.

Hochul’s “Gift.”

Show Notes: Ep 91.

Has “Creative Destruction” Reached Silicon Valley?

Show Notes: Ep 90.

Weaponizing “Woke.”


Show Notes: Ep 89.

The Fed and Inflation.

Show Notes: Ep 88.

James Earl Carter (Epilogue).

Show Notes: Ep 87.

Spy Balloons.

James Earl Carter (Part Three).

Show Notes: Ep 86.

James Earl Carter (Part Two).

Show Notes: Ep 85.

The (Fake) Debt Ceiling Crisis.

James Earl Carter (Part One).

Big Tech Layoffs

Show Notes: Ep 84 +Topical 7.

Airline Crisis.

Who To Trust in Media.

Public Education.

Show Notes: Ep 82 + Quickie 14.

Phone a Friend.

How New York F*cked the Country.

The Black & Jewish Divide in America.

Show Notes: Ep 81.

Public Education (Part Three).

Show Notes: Ep 80.

Public Education (Part Two).

Show Notes: Ep 79.

Public Education (Part One).

Show Notes: BONUS: Midterm Recap.

Show Notes: Ep 78.

BONUS: Midterm Recap.

“Tough on Crime” Republicans.

Show Notes: Strange Bedfellows 1.

Chester A. Arthur and Julia Sand.

Show Notes: Ep 77.

What’s the deal with Peter Thiel?

Show Notes: Ep 76.

The FCC (Part Two).

Show Notes: Quickie 13.

One nation divided?

Show Notes: Ep 75.

The FCC (Part One).

Show Notes: Ep 74.

BlackRock: The Devil's Banker.

Show Notes: Ep 73.

Hospitals and Healthcare.

Show Notes: Ep 72.

Unf*cking Flashback: Labor Unions.

This Healthcare is Killing Us.

Show Notes: Topical Cream 6.

Phone a Friend.

Biden's Big Student Debt Announcement.

Show Notes: Ep 71.

U.S. Healthcare.

Show Notes: Ep 69.

UNFTR X News Beat.

The Clinton Years.

UNFTR x Best of the Left.

BONUS: A Chat with Tom McGovern.

Max, Unfiltered.

Show Notes: Ep 68.

The Clinton Years (Part Three).

Show Notes: Ep 67.

The Clinton Years (Part Two).

Show Notes: Ep 66.

The Clinton Years (Part One).

Show Notes: Ep 65.

Fuck U, PragerU.

Show Notes: Ep 64.

$5 Gasoline.

Unf*cking Flashback: Peak Oil.

Phone a Friend.

Amazon (Part 2).

Amazon (Part 1).

BONUS: Happy F*ck Milton Friedman Day.

Congressional Summer School.

Obsession Over Recession Depression.

The School Shooting Script.

Student Debt.

Boarding Schools from Hell.

Convention of States.

Where is the Religious Left?

The End of Roe v. Wade.

Dem Bums.

Elon Gated.

The Military Film Complex.

Drill Man, Drill.

Midterms, Primaries and Get Out the Vote.

New York’s Casual White Supremacy.

Unf*cking Down Under.

Immigration Nation.

The World in Numbers.

White on White Crime in Eastern Europe.

BONUS: A Book Love Mashup.

BONUS: A Manny + 99 Takeover.

Corporate America's Banner Year.


Peak Oil.

Quickie: Fox in the Outhouse.

Libertarians Are Exhausting (Part 2).

Libertarians Are Exhausting (Part 1).

A (Mostly) Vegan World.

Holiday Quickie.

Labor Unions.

Playing Chicken with China.

Happy Noam Chomsky Day!

Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Itsfuckedforsure Bill.

The Global Order of Power.

The Global Order of Money.

“Independent” Men with Massive Platforms.


From Bull Moose to Jackass.

1 Year Anniversary.

The Washington Consensus.



Building the Climate Industrial Complex.



Procedural F*ckery.

When We Leave.

August 2021 Quickie.

The Economics of Racism.

Oh, Canada.

Best Of.

Occupy at 10.

Modern Monetary Theory.

July 2021 Quickie.

How to Talk About the Trump Years.

Manufacturing Dissent.

F*ck Milton Friedman.

Chicago School Teaser.

The Problem with Conscious Capitalism

The Assange Problem.

Cuba (Not So) Libre.

May 2021 Quickie.

Corporate (Ir)Responsibility: Part Two.

Corporate (Ir)Responsibility: Part One.

April 2021 Quickie.

Mass Incarceration.

Culture Cancel.

Stimulate This Beyotch.

March 2021 Quickie

America Inc.

Unf*cking Congress

Dear Rebekkkah Mercer.

The Beatification of Ronald Reagan.

How Trump Threw Away His Shot.

Ayn Rand Was a Dick.

The Prosperity Doctrine.


The Violent States of America.

An Election Interlude.

The American Propaganda Machine.

Freeze! It’s the… Military?

Priorities: War, Wealth and Welfare.

Nothing is as it seems.

Introducing: Unf*cking The Republic®.