A (Mostly) Vegan World.

Plantf*ckers Can Save Us All.

As many of you know, we’ve had this on the pod-docket for months. It’s finally time to unf*ck our food system and talk about veganism. We decided not to pursue this topic from a moral or ethical perspective, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a story about justice. 40% of the world’s working population is in some way employed in the food and agriculture sector. A third of all food is wasted. 50% of the earth’s land has been cleared for livestock and farming. Overfishing and chemical runoff is destroying marine life. In our pursuit to feed the world, we’re killing the planet and ourselves in the process. Today’s episode examines the cycle of madness that is the industrial agriculture and food supply chain. So while there are no tips on how to “go vegan,” the conclusion (spoiler) is that we all better figure out how.

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Farm cows in a pen eating from a hay pile.

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