Manufacturing Dissent.

How We Let an Aussie Destroy the U.S.

Today we take on News Corp., the most egregious example of “manufactured consent.” The fact that we let this monster from down under invade our thought space and contaminate the discourse in this nation is a crime. Rupert Murdoch’s companies have made us dumber, angrier and more susceptible to conspiracies. Of this there can be no doubt. To reveal how he accomplished this, we’ll travel through a brief history of American media, discuss the legislation at the center of the disaster that is our media, and place our polarized news landscape in its proper context. The pivot centerpoint of our feature is 1996. Max also introduces two new themes into the show and addresses listener feedback to the Fuck Milton Friedman episode during show notes. #FMF #FRM

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Old photo of Rupert Murdoch sitting in a chair holding a newspaper. A photo filter makes the image glitchy, with red and blue streaks clinging to the edges of Murdoch.