New York’s Casual White Supremacy.

Losing the Plot on Hochul & Buffalo Bills.

A run-of-the-mill, one-day news story about a billionaire holding a city hostage over a sports team and a new stadium buried the lede on the dark underbelly of Native American relations with the U.S. government. New York State agreed to finance a significant chunk of the $1.4 billion stadium for the Buffalo Bills, an NFL team owned by a billionaire worth 5.5x that amount. A deal done almost entirely behind closed doors. Beyond the myriad conflicts of interest within the governor’s office is the more insidious story, ignored almost entirely by the media, of where the state “found” the money to pay for it.

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Selfie of Governor Kathy Hochul in front of the Buffalo Bills Stadium, wearing a Buffalo Bills mask. Text on the image says,

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