Occupy at 10.

A Love Story.

We’re nearly 10 years on from Occupy Wall Street. We wanted to get a jump on the retrospective before every mainstream news outlet hops on and gives it perfunctory treatment and dismisses it as a failed movement. It wasn’t a failure. If anything, it was the scariest movement the establishment has seen since the anti-Vietnam War protests. It was fast but it was furious. And aspects of it continue to resonate through our society. It was the grand awakening from our post-9/11 haze and the people took to the streets to revolt against a system of inequality and systemic oppression. Occupy might have been brutally cleared from Zuccotti Park, but the spirit of the movement lives on through Progressives today and the lessons from it will carry us into the future. This is Occupy at 10: A Love Story. 

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Protestors holding Occupy Wall Street sign that says,