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Unf*cking The Republic®

A smart, funny and searing political podcast sprinkled with a healthy dose of profanity. Each episode is a deep and delicious audio dive into a particular subject that helps explain how we arrived in Bizarro America, the funhouse mirror version of what was originally intended.

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The reviews are in!


"Learning & Laughing ."
I listen to a handful of intelligent, idea driven, solutions oriented podcasts. But this one has all of that plus wit, my favorite personality trait. I’m binging episodes and sharing with everyone that I know.


"UNFTR is unmissable. Seriously. It could save us all."
It’s fantastic. High production values and fair snark overlay the deeply thoughtful and humane content. This podcast is going to be your favorite.


"Cogent and irreverent."
This podcast is like the political science class you should have gotten in high school. Taught by your smartest friends


"Seriously, the best podcast out there."
Every week, Max, 99, and Manny put together a smart, beautifully produced, well-researched, and often humorous show on our republic. I listen, I learn, and I’m insanely grateful.

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Substack also provides us with a crisp and simple interface to display the essays each episode is framed around. This is important because these essays double as a transcript for our show, which aids in our accessibility mission. 

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