“Independent” Men with Massive Platforms.

Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle & Joe Rogan.

In this week’s installment of how to lose friends and disappoint people, we’re talking about the independent platform media culture, mostly of the male persuasion. So, yes. Much of this will drip with irony as I, a white male with a small platform, attempt to mansplain how to think about other men with platforms. Our three main subjects today have been in the news for various reasons. Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart and Joe Rogan. These three have a combined audience reach that rivals any major network, which should challenge our assumptions of what defines the “mainstream media” these days. In this Quickie we dissect the changing media landscape, the nature of punditry and who has the power and responsibility in the relationship between platform and audience. 

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Composite image of Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan. All are standing, holding microphones mid-speech.

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