Amazon (Part 2).

The Unfulfillment Company.

In Part 1 of Amazon, the Unfulfillment Company, we reviewed Amazon’s rise from online bookseller to third largest company on the planet and well on its way to number one. The extreme focus on the customer is the centerpiece of founder Jeff Bezos’s philosophy and while it has increased consumerism and driven down prices on several categories of goods and services, it’s had big ripple effects in the wider economy and the labor market. Today’s episode picks up where we left off to examine the company’s earnings and acquisitions more closely and addresses how the company is one step ahead of efforts to break it up. We finish with some examples of victories and what must happen to contain Amazon’s influence before it becomes sentient and destroys us all. Or something like that. 

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Paper Mache head of Jeffrey Bezos surrounded by protest signs that say 'Stop Trashing The Planet' 'Stop Injuring Workers' 'Stop Spying on Workers' and 'Stop Stealing Garment Workers Wages.'

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