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Understanding Socialism: Part One.

This week on UNFTR we have the first in the series on socialism. After our “ISMs” refresher last week, we dip our toes into the communal water and begin the process of unpacking an economic and ideological philosophy that inspires rage on the right, hope on the left and (mostly) fear in the middle. The essay starts off with listener feedback from a call we put out on social media and YouTube. We asked listeners to explain socialism in a couple of sentences and the responses were amazing. The essay continues with examples of how socialism is portrayed in the mainstream media, some basic misconceptions and UNFTR style level-setting on key terms and definitions.

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Rainbow writing on a napkin that says,


In today’s cure for insomnia essay, we explore the origins of the ISMs the pundit class abuses each and every day. We’re focusing on the big ones....

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Composite image of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson over an American flag background

Williamson and Kennedy.

Marianne Williamson and Robert Kennedy, Jr. have entered the presidential race and are being cast as the progressives in the field. And, to be fair,...

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A wealthy rat king sitting on a throne, surrounded by poor, ‘lesser’ rats.

Dismantling the Oligarchy.

This essay explores both the majesty of our democracy and its failures. No matter the issue that motivates you as a voter and citizen, there is an...

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A jar of money being buried in the ground.

Updated Tax Evasion Figures.

An explosive new report from the Bureau of Economic Research just landed, and it seems that no one in the media or political class cares. The report...

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