1 Year Anniversary.

Look Back, Go Forward.

It’s the one-year anniversary of Unf*cking the Republic®. Yay us. Only 1.6 million other podcasts have passed this historic mark. We couldn’t let the moment pass, however, without offering our profound thanks to those who got us here on this little journey of ours. So today we reflect a bit on the last year, draw some conclusions and tie things up with a bow. We end with a look forward at some of the issues we’re set to tackle in the coming months and remark on a few trends that are both hopeful and troubling as we continue to unf*ck the republic together. Thanks to all the Unf*ckers, UnCanuckers, Eurof*ckers and Down Under F*ckers for supporting the show. Onward! 

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Composite of Milton Friedman, Rupert Murdoch and Ronald Reagan.