Quickie: Fox in the Outhouse.

Invasion, Immigration & Inflation.

This week’s alliterative Quickie is brought to you by the letter “i.” In typical Quickie fashion we delve into three distinct but related topics: Invasion, Inflation & Immigration, as seen through the lens of Fox News. We’ll tie in some prior themes and set the table for a couple of future episodes in this barn burner of a Quickie featuring the worst people on television. For those listening and not just reading, after a heartfelt message toward the end of the episode Max has a rather ugly and uncharacteristic meltdown in show notes over Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. 99 and Manny pick up the pieces to bring it home and send Max for a nap. All this and more on another rousing edition of Outagamie’s number one podcast, Unf*cking the Republic®. 

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Composite of Tucker Carlson and Larry Kudlow with their heads on clown bodies

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