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Palestine: Epilogue

The epilogue to the Palestine series is an essay from Max that draws upon personal experience and reveals what he learned from putting together these episodes. The conclusions are far from uplifting. In fact, they’re dire.

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A person with their arms outstretched towards the sun.

The Prosperity Doctrine.

In this essay, we trace the journey of the Christian Fundamentalist movement from its origins through to today, where millions of Americans believe...

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Close up of an $100 bill; Ben Franklin's eyes and nose are in frame.


The left claims America is proof that capitalism is destroying the working class and the planet. The right claims America is proof that capitalism is...

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Neon green toy soldiers lined up, pointing their guns ahead.

The Violent States of America.

This week in Unf*cking the Republic®, we dive into U.S. interventions in the post-Vietnam War era. Starting with our recent meddling in Bolivia, we...

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A large Black Lives Matter protest; visible signs say 'Black Lives Matter,' 'Fund Our Schools' and 'American Democracy Is a Hypocrisy.'


While the country wrestles with police brutality and protests, dividing between Black Lives Matter or Back the Blue, a bizarre phenomenon has been...

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