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The UNFTR Newsletter has become a must-have resource for thousands of Unf*ckers. As one of the fastest growing progressive newsletters in the country, we’re working hard to bring our A game each and every week.

To view some of the previous newsletters to get a feel for the quality and quantity of content you’ll receive every week, check out the archive here.

The Original

Currently, we publish twice weekly. All members and free subscribers receive our original Friday (sometimes Saturday) newsletter written and curated exclusively by Max.

The original Newsletter includes the following features:

  • This week on the Pod - A synopsis of this week’s podcast
  • Max Notes - Max’s musings on current events 
  • Obsessions - Quick notes on cultural items we’re obsessing over.
  • Chart of the Week - a picture (or chart) is worth a thousand words. 
  • Headlines - Two or three headlines from trusted sources and a summary of the article.
  • Progressive Spotlight - Each week we highlight the work of a progressive doing good in the world. 
  • Unf*cker Comment of the Week - Every week we receive tons of feedback on email, our contact form, on YouTube or through social media. We select one comment each week to highlight in the Newsletter and try to tackle as many as we can on the weekly Show Notes podcast drop.

The Bonus

We have also partnered with the News Beat team to jointly produce a second jam-packed newsletter every Tuesday that includes Max Notes, the “Tuesday Top Five” headlines that all progressives must read, an original News Beat Essay on a current social justice issue and a new fun feature called “Not for Nothing”. This newsletter is for members only and includes a link to the “Monthly Hang”, a video hangout with Max and a special guest.

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