Leftist YouTubers

The list of left leaning YouTubers is expanding with progressive journalists, comedians, pundits and writers crossing over to video. Like podcasters, some YouTubers come and go, but these  progressive voices offer consistent commentary, interviews and insights.

David Pakman

The David Pakman Show, a nationally syndicated progressive talk show on TV and radio. Pakman has more than 2 million subscribers on YT, which makes this channel one of the largest in the progressive online media space.

F.D. Signifier

A powerful emerging voice in the Black leftist community who releases video essays on Black movies and media and Black culture.

The Rational National

Independent political commentary, media criticism, news and culture, with an occasional comedic tinge; hosted by David Doel. Fights for human rights, workers’ rights, and equality. David comes from a background working in broadcast news, ran for political office as a Canadian Green Party candidate, and hosted an AM Radio show in downtown Toronto. Through 'The Rational National' he breaks down the latest political news, exposes media misinformation from all sides, and works to push society forward in a way that centres human rights and equality.

Ben Burgis

Burgis is a philosophy professor, a columnist for Jacobin magazine, and the author of a few books--starting with one with the same name as the podcast. He's debated right-wingers ranging from Charlie Kirk to Walter Block, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, and been called a "glib c*nt" by Gavin McInnes. Past GTAA guests have included Slavoj Žižek, Ana Kasparian, Richard Wolff, Glenn Greenwald, Sam Seder, Emma Vigeland, Jesse Singal, Norman Finkelstein, Thaddeus Russell, Bhaskar Sunkara, Nathan Robinson, David Pizarro, Tamler Sommers, Matt Christman, Amber Frost, and Touré Reed.

Bad Faith with Briahna Joy Gray

YouTube and Podcast show featuring Briahna Joy Gray, an American political commentator, lawyer, and political consultant who served as the National Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign. Gray is a contributing editor for Current Affairs, and was a senior politics editor for The Intercept.

Owen Jones

A platform to discuss issues and causes that are otherwise ignored, to debate and discuss alternatives to the way the world is run, to challenge the powerful, and to try and have a laugh, too.


Here you will find intellectual talks, pseudo-intellectual talks, debates, discussions, live stream highlights, and more. Destiny has described himself as a "social democrat" and a "neoliberal". He believes capitalism is a working system but requires a regulatory framework to excel. His social views are generally progressive, though not to the same extent as most BreadTubers. He dislikes conservativism, socialism and a number of other ideologies, viewing them all to be harmful.

Beau of the Fifth Column

The discussions of a southern journalist who is tired of a lack of common sense.

Left Reckoning

Fmr. The Michael Brooks Show crew Matt Lech & David Griscom work to cover & build a strong, popular, working-class rooted, no BS Socialist Left. With a special focus on the international struggle and Texas, the South, & the West.

Hasan Piker

The YouTube home of popular Twitch streamer Hasan Piker, known online as HasanAbi, is a Turkish-American political streamer and YouTuber. While he frequently does reaction videos and other miscellaneous content, he's also well-known for his political advocacy of socialism. Piker’s uncle is Cenk Uygur, founder of The Young Turks (TYT) network.

Brian Tyler Cohen

Brian Tyler Cohen is one of the most viewed independent progressive political hosts on YouTube. Cohen publishes daily breaking news clips followed by in-depth commentary and features interviews with top political figures (including President Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Jamie Raskin, Pete Buttigieg, Jen Psaki, Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi, and many more); weekly video podcasts for a deep-dive into the week's most important stories; legal analysis on "The Legal Breakdown" with Glenn Kirschner and voting rights news on "Democracy Watch" with Marc Elias; and live-streams of major events, from debates to election results. Cohen is not truly a progressive, but a left leaning Democrat with a substantial platform.

The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Seder is a former actor and longtime progressive commentator who was affiliated with Air America and MSNBC before launching TMR, which airs daily and features co-host Emma Vigeland, formerly of TYT.

Marc Lamont Hill

A full library of MLH speeches, commentaries, interviews, and lectures. This channel also provides the latest news updates, political analysis, cultural commentary, and more.

Secular Talk with Kyle Kulinsky

News & politics commentary from the populist left perspective.

Empire Files with Abby Martin

An independent documentary & interview series hosted by Abby Martin - reporting on war & inequality from the heart of Empire

The Bitchuation Room with Francesca Fiorentini

A weekly progressive speakeasy featuring new comedians, organizers and experts hosted by Francesca Fiorentini.

The Humanist Report with Mike Figueredo

This channel disseminates socio political and religious news stories that are supplemented with progressive commentary.

The Serf Times

“In a media landscape blemished by blemish we seek to provide news for the alienated masses.”

Zoe Baker

Baker is a trans woman (she/her), who talks about the theory and history of anarchism, feminism and marxism. Author of Means and Ends: The Revolutionary Practice of Anarchism in Europe and the United States. PhD on the history of anarchism.