Website Accessibility

Providing as much access to our show material as possible to our audience is a top priority for our team. As such we have taken steps to ensure that this website is fully and natively accessible to the best of our ability without the use of overlay remediation technology. If you encounter any issues related to accessing this website, please email our team at and write “A11Y” in the subject line to ensure prioritization. Our development team follows the AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 to the best of our ability.

Audio Transcripts

In terms of the transcripts for the show, we have a slightly different solution. Because we borrow heavily from media clips and intersperse sound effects for humorous purposes (we hope) direct transcriptions may be confusing and lead to misinterpretation. Therefore we redraft each essay from the show in a straightforward narrative - don’t worry, it still includes a rather liberal use of profanity - to enhance the user experience with the content. These essays are published in tandem with the episodes at Subscriptions are free and this feed includes bonus content at times

Auditory Processing Solution

For those with auditory processing issues or for anyone who prefers episodes without background music, we offer a musicless version of the show using a separate RSS feed.

To add an RSS feed to your app follow these instructions:

  1. Copy this RSS URL to your clipboard:
  2. Open your preferred podcasts app on your device.
  3. Select file, then “Add a Show by URL...”
  4. Enter your RSS feed URL.
  5. Select Subscribe.

Note: As of now, certain apps such as Podbean and Spotify do not allow you to add RSS feeds directly to the app.