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Understanding Socialism: Part One.

This week on UNFTR we have the first in the series on socialism. After our “ISMs” refresher last week, we dip our toes into the communal water and begin the process of unpacking an economic and ideological philosophy that inspires rage on the right, hope on the left and (mostly) fear in the middle. The essay starts off with listener feedback from a call we put out on social media and YouTube. We asked listeners to explain socialism in a couple of sentences and the responses were amazing. The essay continues with examples of how socialism is portrayed in the mainstream media, some basic misconceptions and UNFTR style level-setting on key terms and definitions.

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Carter at a ceremony in September, 1978. He has his hand over his heart with his eyes closed.

James Earl Carter (Part III)

On the heels of multiple domestic and foreign policy successes, the Carter Administration headed into 1979 brimming with hope and optimism. And the...

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Photographic portrait of Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter holding hands in the White House.

James Earl Carter (Part II)

In Part One of our series, we discussed the persistent attempts on the right to draw parallels between the Carter and Biden administrations. We...

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Jimmy Carter at a podium, giving a speech. Carter election posters appear behind him.

James Earl Carter (Part I)

Today, we begin our look back at the brief but remarkable tenure of President Jimmy Carter. The late ‘70s is a fascinating period on a number of...

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A white male CEO crying into a pile of $100 bills.

Big Tech Layoffs

GDP growth was stronger than expected. Unemployment remains historically low. Supply chain issues continue to work themselves out. China is entering...

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