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Understanding Socialism: Part One.

This week on UNFTR we have the first in the series on socialism. After our “ISMs” refresher last week, we dip our toes into the communal water and begin the process of unpacking an economic and ideological philosophy that inspires rage on the right, hope on the left and (mostly) fear in the middle. The essay starts off with listener feedback from a call we put out on social media and YouTube. We asked listeners to explain socialism in a couple of sentences and the responses were amazing. The essay continues with examples of how socialism is portrayed in the mainstream media, some basic misconceptions and UNFTR style level-setting on key terms and definitions.

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Kathy Hochul laughing and giving a gift. The background is a mudboil in the Tully Valley.

Hochul’s “Gift.”

NYS Governor Kathy Hochul is once again under scrutiny for vetoing a bill that would have protected unmarked graves of Native People. It’s another in...

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A piggy bank wearing a mask; bank contagion concept.


What goes up, must come down. Unless you’re a banker. In which case it’s up, up and away with bailouts and low interest loans! Today’s essay is an...

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Jerome Powell standing at a podium during a press conference.

The Fed and Inflation.

Today, we’re talking about the stories we tell. Narratives that take root and stubbornly refuse to die. The economic version of urban legends....

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