Sponsor UNF*CKING The Republic

Unf*cking the Republic thrives on the support of our listeners’ purchase of our incredible coffee, which also helps fund our mission to aid economic development among indigenous peoples and historically marginalized communities. We also accept advertising in specific cases. 

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please read the notes below and email Bryan at our agency for more information. 


We accept only one ad placement per episode in order to maximize exposure for our partners. Sponsors are “teased” during the introduction of the show and the mid-roll advertisement has a minimum run time of 90 seconds and a maximum of two minutes. Organization or creator links are placed in the show notes. 


Each ad is a static placement in the show, as we do not accept dynamic placements in order to protect the digital privacy of our listeners.* Ads are host read and copy must be furnished and accepted by both the host and the client prior to running. All placements are final. 

Ad Packages 

Our ads are sold in blocks of four. Advertisers must commit to a minimum of four advertisements. Run dates are determined solely by UNFTR as our release date schedules are subject to change. However, advertisers are guaranteed to run within a predetermined and specified window of time. 


UNFTR operates with full pricing transparency. 

All mid-roll ads are priced at a $23 CPM. 

A discount of 20% ($18 CPM) is available for B-Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations only. 

Audience size (M) is determined by calculating the total average downloads per episode of the four most recent episodes as of the date of the Agreement. This rate is “locked” for the duration of a “package” and can be rolled over for two additional packages if downloads exceed the original average, thereby protecting the client from increases should they choose to renew a package. Rates are adjusted thereafter to update the calculation of audience size, whether up or down. 


Each package (4) must be paid in full one week prior to the first scheduled ad and paid by corporate check, ACH or PayPal. 


Advertisers will be furnished with an insertion order agreement that must be executed prior to the schedule and payment. 

*Dynamic ad placement is a concerning trend that has potentially negative implications for user privacy. This is a developing issue that we’re monitoring. As of now, we’re not comfortable with dynamic insertions and will continue with static placements, which provide enhanced value for our advertising partners. So it just feels right on every level.

Please note we do not entertain any direct response campaigns or advertisements from the following industries:

  • Gaming
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Firearms
  • Pesticides
  • Animal Testing
  • Pornography