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Cut out photos of Andrew Cuomo, Neera Tanden and Joe Manchin overlaid on a blurred background of Senate

March 2021 Quickie.

In our inaugural Quickie, we take a topical look at three members of the Democratic Party that are having very different experiences of late:...

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A photo of a dystopian scene; a large bridge is broken in half with abandoned cars and litter all over the street.

America Inc.

This week, we unf*ck the corporate attack on the system and break down the inherent evils of privatization and deregulation, the dreaded sisters of...

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Rush Limbaugh speaking into a microphone at a podium.

Rush Limbaugh.

“Great?” Oh, yes. He was great. In the broadcasting world, and in terms of his influence over a generation of politicians and other talking heads, he...

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Ayn Rand smoking and laughing. She has faint devil horns appearing on her head.

Ayn Rand Was a Dick.

In this essay of UNFTR, we unf*ck the theory of “objectivism,” a movement inspired by novelist Ayn Rand in the 1950s and talk about how it still...

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A person with their arms outstretched towards the sun.

The Prosperity Doctrine.

In this essay, we trace the journey of the Christian Fundamentalist movement from its origins through to today, where millions of Americans believe...

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A large Black Lives Matter protest; visible signs say 'Black Lives Matter,' 'Fund Our Schools' and 'American Democracy Is a Hypocrisy.'


While the country wrestles with police brutality and protests, dividing between Black Lives Matter or Back the Blue, a bizarre phenomenon has been...

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Money being flushed down the toilet.


Coronavirus exposed the American budget and monetary policy as giant myths. Turns out, we can afford to pay for just about anything we want....

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