F*ck Milton Friedman.

The Chicago School of Economics.

Here we are Unf*ckers. It’s our great hope that we contextualize the Chicago school of economics and its high priest Milton Friedman by alternately expanding our view of the world and narrowing in on crucial moments that changed the course of history.

As mentioned in the teaser last week, we’ll give credit where credit is due. At no point will we call into question the intellect or even integrity of Milton Friedman or the institution he is synonymous with. To the contrary, we firmly believe that Milton Friedman was indeed a man of great integrity. His downfall, as we’ll argue, was his undying commitment to orthodoxy. His belief that economics is an exact science and that markets are inherently just and therefore capable of taming the worst instincts of human nature.

Fuck. Milton. Friedman.

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Milton Friedman wearing his signature glasses with his hand resting on his forehead.

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