The Assange Problem.

Either Set Him Free or Go Full Fascism.

Assange is a complicated figure personally and historically. And he evokes pretty strong reactions on both sides. Mostly though we don’t think about him at all. With the exception of occasional reports whenever there’s an update on his charges or extradition attempts, Assange has been sort of back burnered. Considering the stakes at play for the U.S. media, this should be surprising or even troubling. Today we’re going to review the story of WikiLeaks and put the debate over the fate of Assange in the only context it should be - to answer the question of just how serious we are about our concept of democracy, free speech and the role of the fourth estate.

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Glitchy photo of a banner with a photo of Julian Assange with American Flag tape over his mouth. Banner text says, ‘Free Assange. No U.S. Extradition.’ Below the banner a woman is adding another pro-Assange poster.