Understanding Socialism: Part Three.

The “Critique Phase” (1825–1870).

We have the third installment in our socialism series, where we resume our journey beginning in 1825 and the collapse of Robert Owen’s New Harmony experiment. This next chapter introduces the work of John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx and touches on Mikhail Bakunin and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, both of whom we’ll explore more fully in Part Four. Not gonna lie, this series may never end. But this is a critical piece of the puzzle that we’re calling the “Critique Period,” lasting from 1825 to around 1870. This era is punctuated by widespread revolts in 1848 that inform some of the new thinking around capitalism and the plight of the working class—all leading into the explosion of socialist philosophy that hits the mainstream consciousness following the events of 1870 (again, for Part Four).

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