Corporate (Ir)Responsibility: The Slow but Deliberate March to Oligarchy.

Corporate (Ir)Responsibility is one of the earliest two-parters we did on UNFTR. It’s also the first time we hear directly from the show’s nemesis, Milton Friedman. This series plants a flag of sorts for UNFTR. One of our goals is to maintain a critical focus on the ever-expanding influence of corporate America on our politics, economics and civil liberties. The result is what many refer to as “oligarchy” but we prefer the term “inverted totalitarianism,” which was coined by theorist Sheldon Wolin. Inverted totalitarianism describes a situation in which the levers of institutional power in a society are pulled by faceless corporations. Some of it is obvious. Much of it is not. In this series we cover the genesis of the movement to wrest control from government authorities and consolidate it within the halls of power.